Installing Outlook add-ins (including Zoom)

For security reasons, access to the Microsoft and Office Stores has been restricted for Darden accounts and managed devices. If you want to install an approved add-in like Zoom for Outlook, here’s how.


While logged into Outlook with your Darden credentials, click the Get Add-ins button on the right side of the ribbon:


In the window that opens, click Admin-managed on the left:


These are the add-ins that have been approved by Darden Technology and are available to install for the Darden community. Click the Add button to install the desired add-in.

Note: Add-ins from the “All” tab are not necessarily supported, even if they can be installed.


If you don't see the add-in even after installing it, you may need to close and re-open Outlook.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please contact the Darden Service Desk by sending an email to, submitting a ticket through the Service Desk portal, or calling 434-924-3276.

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