Recommended PC Specs for 2022-23

Basic Specifications for All Machines:

· CPU: Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 (ARM and M1 processors do not have a compatible version of Windows*)

· Hard Drive: 512GB SSD (It’s very important that it meets this minimum)

· Memory: 16GB RAM

· Screen: 1440 x 900 Resolution

· Warranties: 2-year accidental damage warranty and next-day on-site repairs (i.e. Lenovo Premier Support)

Mac laptops

Windows 11 requires a TPM chip on the motherboard for security reasons and will not run without it. Mac devices do not have TPM chips.* Also, Mac devices only have M1 processors in them. M1 processors require special ARM versions of Windows which are not available to the general public.


Special Note:

We are looking for alternative methods of delivering Windows based software to students, but do not expect to have a working solution before the end of July if we can even find one that reliably works. Additionally, Mac devices have more hoops to jump through to connect to network shares and print to the networked public printers.


*Some internet search results say they have found ways to get around this, but Microsoft does not provide any support for these work arounds. The Darden Service Desk cannot support them either. 

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